VeriFone® PAYware® Mobile

paywareReady whenever a sale presents itself.

VeriFone® PAYware® Mobile is the perfect addition to your mobile business. By turning your smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal, you can accept card payments in real time, from virtually anywhere. There will be no stopping you.

VeriFone® PAYware® Mobile Benefits

There's no need to invest in costly wireless terminal hardware and software. This small but powerful addition is all you need to speed up transactions, improve efficiency, limit customer exposure to fraud, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Acceptance of all forms of electronic payment, including magnetic stripe, PIN, and contactless-enabled cards and phones
  • Card encryption reader and integrated compliant PIN pad for end-to-end cardholder data protection
  • Built-in bar code scanner for easy product scanning, couponing and inventory
  • Customizable app integration to meet your unique business needs
  • Quick-start services and support, provided by VeriFone
  • Ability to integrate customer data for digital couponing and loyalty programs

How it works.

Your smartphone or tablet slips snugly into a special sleeve, making it easy for you to swipe your customer's card, capture a signature, electronically transmit the payment, and email your customer a receipt. Done and done.