The many benefits of debit.

One of today's fastest growing payment methods, debit cards offer a long list of benefits that customers rely on. Whether it's to access cash, buy goods, pay bills or use electronic benefits from government assistance programs, our debit processing with signature- or PIN-secured debit cards can help you meet your customers' needs—and then some.

The Huntington Merchant Services advantage.

While you provide your customers with all the debit card benefits they enjoy, especially fewer trips to the ATM, you can look forward to some benefits of your own.

  • Uptime of 99.99% and approvals in 1.9 seconds or less
  • Seamless integration into third-party software packages
  • Compliance with all card industry standards including the latest PCI PIN Entry Device (PED) requirements
  • Flexible product and pricing options to best meet your specific needs
  • Automatic electronic deposits to your business account for all payment types
  • Convenience of "cash back" provides customer convenience and encourages customer loyalty

Products you'll need.

  • POS system or POS terminal
  • PIN pad